Soccer or football – what's in a name for the beautiful game?

Whether you are American, British or Australian, football can mean different types of foot and ball game - American football, Aussie rules or, as we Brits know it, just football. So why all the fuss, and where does 'soccer' come into it all? After all, whether you call it soccer or football, it is the most popular game worldwide with a massive fan-base; it delights billions of supporters around the globe each week with games from the top European and South-American leagues to local pub and club teams battling it out on a muddy field.

The confusion over names has come about thanks to the original naming of football as 'association football' by the English FA who set up the world's first ever football league. With games like rugby football also played in England at the time, the name soccer, a shortening of association, was used to distinguish football from rugby. But whatever you happen to call it, soccer or football, the beautiful game is similar to other foot and ball sports in its requirements for high skill levels and good tactical awareness, much like other sports where strategy plays a part in games.

Football video games are incredibly popular too; not everyone can be as good as Messi or Ronaldo in real life, but on a console you can form a dream team and play football no human team is capable of. Football and sports games are now becoming popular online games too, with free online games providers like Bigpoint offering a great choice of free sports games including some excellent football simulation multiplayer games. Such online browser games only serve to expand the appeal of the beautiful game to an even wider audience as millions of players decide whether to pass their way intricately through the opposing team or whether to try and bash your way through the middle with brute force in pursuit of goals and victory. 


Even if you are not a gifted football or soccer player, you too can enjoy the thrills and strategy of football without needing incredibly skilful feet. Sports games and football video games open up this area to all players and allow you to take part in the global nature of the game as you compete against teams from around the world in football online games and multiplayer games. Football has never been so much fun!